Track: Student Training

Training Set 2 (NEW!)

Unlock your potential with a groundbreaking training course curated by Master Alvaro Romano over 45 years. This unique program integrates stretches, core exercises, and vital breathing techniques to boost flexibility, concentration, and overall performance.

Ginastica Natural: Comprehensive Training

Unleash your potential with a revolutionary training course that combines stretches, core exercises, and essential breathing techniques. Developed by Master Alvaro Romano over 45 years, this exclusive program enhances flexibility, concentration, and performance.


Finding an exercise routine that can be done daily by anyone, regardless of age, can be difficult. Alvaro Romano, founder of Ginastica Natural, tackles that challenge by demonstrating exercises and techniques to improve quality of life and well-being for everyone.

Quality of Life Workshop

Health, quality of life, and performance enhancement are major elements of Ginastica Natural’s trainings. In this seminar lesson, Alvaro Romano introduces the history of Ginastica Natural and the development of his techniques.


Perfecting your breathing can improve your performance, health, and quality of life. To improve your lung capacity you will need to voluntarily exercise both your diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Alvaro covers various techniques to improve your breathing and lung capacity.

Functional Training

Alvaro Romano adds equipment to his training such as a kettlebell and exercise ball, highlighting the importance of strengthening performance and injury prevention. His complete training consists of exercises that activate your legs, arms, and core muscles.

Ginastica Natural: For Fighters 2.0

Implemented by Jiu Jitsu and MMA champions around the world, Alvaro Romano demonstrates mobility and strength exercises that will revolutionize your training. He offers techniques to improve your breathing, performance, recovery, and mobility.

Ginastica Natural: For Surfers

Warming up and conditioning before your surf session is critical in preventing injury. Alvaro Romano provides exercises that can be done at home or in the Academy to heighten performance, injury prevention, and recovery training for surfing practitioners and professionals.

Ginastica Natural: Fundamentals

Ginastica Natural is a complete physical activity developed by renowned physical educator, Alvaro Romano. Follow the class step by step and start enjoying the deep and numerous benefits of his techniques.

Full Body Strength and Hip Mobility

In this course, Alvaro and Raphael Romano show you methods to increase your full body strength and hip mobility. Lessons in the course include Mobility and Roll, Plyometric Training, Mobility for All Sports, and more.

Injury Prevention

Train with Master Alvaro Romano and learn the most effective techniques in injury prevention. Improve your muscle power, control, flexibility, and more - all from the comfort of your home.

Dynamic Stretch Exercise Combos

This interactive course is comprised of 4 lessons covering key Dynamic Stretching and Hip Mobility techniques. The final lesson also goes into detail on Advanced Breathing Techniques.