Course: Injury Prevention

Lead Instructor:  Alvaro Romano
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Train with Master Alvaro Romano and learn the most effective techniques in injury prevention. Improve your muscle power, control, flexibility, and more - all from the comfort of your home. Our online learning platform connects mentor to student and ensures the highest level of learning available.

With this course you will not only be able to make a positive, healthy change in your life, but you will also learn how to prevent and recover from injuries much more quickly than before. Improve your physical performance and achieve a greater quality of life with Master Romano today!

Course Lessons (4)


Stretches and Warm-Ups

In order to prevent injury, it is essential for one to regularly perform stretching exercises.
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Stretches and Core Training (with the ball)

This lesson builds upon your previous learning by integrating a yoga ball into you’re exercises. The ball is helpful in many ways, as it acts as both a cushion and a supporting item for your body.
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Dynamic Stretches and Core Training (with the ball)

These stretches and exercises will challenge you and help you to gain strength in targeted areas.
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Continuing Dynamic Stretches and Core Training

By now, you should be familiar with some of the standard poses, stretches and exercises. You’ll notice that these staples will be integrated into all of our lessons, so they are highly important.

Course Specs

Course Goals

  1. Understand the Course Topic
  2. Refine your ability to execute the techniques presented in the Course
  3. Become familiar with the drills that can be used to develop your skills
  4. Achieve significant proficiency in the material

Test Your Knowledge

There are not currently any tests related to this course.

Lead Instructor

Alvaro Romano

During the 80s Master Alvaro Romano decided to spread the world his lifestyle and his quality of life. After having his university degree and post degree in Physical Education, he decided to develop a workout technology beyond of everything that was ever done before: Ginastica Natural®.

In the beginning, Alvaro Romano perfected a type of training he would do on his own to, later, apply in class. For the safety of those practicing it, he conducted an in-depth study into the movements. His first experience applying Ginastica Natural® techniques was with himself and the athletes he trained.

Founder and creator of the Ginastica Natural® method, Alvaro Romano has a Post-Graduate degree in Physical Education and Recreation, author of the book “Ginastica Natural®” (Press Publishing House, 1987), Romano is also present in the collection “An anthology on physical activities” (Midiograf Publishing, 1987).