Course: Ginastica Natural: Comprehensive Training

Lead Instructor:  Alvaro Romano
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This comprehensive training program combines static stretches and core exercises, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned athletes alike. Experience a revolutionary approach to enhancing flexibility while mastering the fundamentals of training for sports and overall well-being.

Learn essential breathing techniques that aid in concentration, stress management, and optimal performance during competitions and everyday life. Discover the significance of executing movements with precision and delve into a range of exercises that can be seamlessly integrated into warm-ups and recovery sessions. This exclusive methodology, developed by Master Alvaro Romano, offers an unparalleled interval training that harnesses the power of breath control.

Prepare to be challenged with moderate to high-intensity exercises that emphasize the seamless transition between movements, incorporating arm exercises suitable for all skill levels. Our intensive core workout is like no other, designed to enhance mobility and elevate the quality of your movements. Experience a complete class that targets the arms, legs, and core to unlock your full potential, promoting improved performance, health, and an enhanced quality of life.

For over 45 years, Master Alvaro Romano has researched and applied these techniques to champions across various sports categories, revolutionizing their performance and overall well-being. Now, it's your turn to benefit from this wealth of knowledge and elevate your fitness journey to new heights. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. Enroll now and embrace a transformative training experience.

"I did two sessions of Ginastica Natural; woke my butt. If you want to do some serious stretching, get your hips loose, or whatever you do, this is a great exercice. I am a follower."
- Junior Faitau

"It revolutionized my training; an upgrade to my techniques."
- Roger Gracie

"It is something that helps your body to stay healthy, it is a great warm-up before a hard workout."
- Georges St-Pierre

"Ginastica Natural helps to preserve my back."
- Anderson Silva

Course Lessons (10)

Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Core Training and Static Stretching

This is the workout (training) for you to start your day - a combination of static stretches and abdominal (core) exercises that are essential for all beginners and practitioners of physical activity and sports.
Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Hip Mobility and Dynamic Stretches

Introducing a new concept of training aimed at improving flexibility - fundamental for all sports and quality of life. This training is designed to prevent injuries and enhance performance.
Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Breathing and Meditation

These are the basic breathing techniques that can help with concentration (focus), anxiety control (stress management) before competitions, and overall improvement of your day.
Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Core Training, Body Control, and Stretching

In this class, you will learn about the importance of quality execution in movements, as well as a perfect combination of movements that can be used for warm-ups and training recovery.
Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Breathing in Movement

This is an exclusive and unique methodology developed by Master Alvaro Romano.
Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Breathing and High Intensity Exercises

This is an unprecedented interval training that utilizes breathing techniques. During this workout, which includes moderate and high-intensity exercises, we will demonstrate how breathing can be used during the transition between movements.
Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Bodyweight Strength Training for All Levels

These arm exercises are designed for both beginners and advanced individuals to develop strength, coordination, and body control.
Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Intense Core Training and Mobility

Experience an intense core workout like never before, one that will significantly improve your mobility and movement quality.
Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Performance Training

This is a complete class that includes exercises for the arms, legs, and core, designed to enhance performance, promote health, and improve overall quality of life.
Individual Lesson Price: $29.99

Breathing Techniques for Recovery From Training and Sports

Master Alvaro Romano has been researching these techniques for 45 years, applying them to champions across various sports categories to improve their performance and health.

Course Specs

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  • Length 2 hr, 25 min, 25 sec
  • Cost $298.00 Introductory Offer - 50% Off $149.00
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  • Prerequisite None

Course Goals

  1. Understand the Course Topic
  2. Refine your ability to execute the techniques presented in the Course
  3. Become familiar with the drills that can be used to develop your skills
  4. Achieve significant proficiency in the material

Test Your Knowledge

There are not currently any tests related to this course.

Lead Instructor

Alvaro Romano

During the 80s Master Alvaro Romano decided to spread the world his lifestyle and his quality of life. After having his university degree and post degree in Physical Education, he decided to develop a workout technology beyond of everything that was ever done before: Ginastica Natural®.

In the beginning, Alvaro Romano perfected a type of training he would do on his own to, later, apply in class. For the safety of those practicing it, he conducted an in-depth study into the movements. His first experience applying Ginastica Natural® techniques was with himself and the athletes he trained.

Founder and creator of the Ginastica Natural® method, Alvaro Romano has a Post-Graduate degree in Physical Education and Recreation, author of the book “Ginastica Natural®” (Press Publishing House, 1987), Romano is also present in the collection “An anthology on physical activities” (Midiograf Publishing, 1987).