Course: Training Set 2 (NEW!)

Lead Instructor:  Alvaro Romano
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Unlock your potential with a groundbreaking training course curated by Master Alvaro Romano over 45 years. This unique program integrates stretches, core exercises, and vital breathing techniques to boost flexibility, concentration, and overall performance.

"I did two sessions of Ginastica Natural; woke my butt. If you want to do some serious stretching, get your hips loose, or whatever you do, this is a great exercice. I am a follower."
- Junior Faitau

"It revolutionized my training; an upgrade to my techniques."
- Roger Gracie

"It is something that helps your body to stay healthy, it is a great warm-up before a hard workout."
- Georges St-Pierre

"Ginastica Natural helps to preserve my back."
- Anderson Silva

Course Lessons (12)

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Stretching and Breathing to Start Your Day

A series of stretching and breathing exercises that will change your routine, bring more energy to start the day, for work or for your training.
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Combined Exercises and Power Training

A power training with combined exercises from GN to train mobility and arms with body weight and strength training for abs.
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Combined Training, Performance, and Breathing Techniques for Longevity

For those of you who are older and want to stay active, practicing your favorite sports, Master Romano will show you the secret of his training and how you can use this training every day.
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Combined Training: Body Control and Breathing Techniques

Specific core training, combined with rollers to improve body control and abdominal strength, used by MMA, Jiu Jitsu and surfing athletes.
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Combined Training: Balance Training and Stretching

One of the most important workouts to improve performance and coordination, balance training helps prevent and recover from injuries, in this new class we will show this workout with body weight and using the kettlebell.
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Animal Movement: Tiger

The tiger movement is one of the most complete movements, working strength, endurance, coordination, to be used in warm-ups and strength training/In this class we will combine the tiger movement with GN mobility exercises.
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Animal Movement: Monkey

With the monkey movement you will experience the most complete workout for your legs, by strengthening all your muscles you will improve your strength for your favorite sports and workouts, in this class we will show you options for the monkey movement with kettlebell.
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Animal Movement: Spider

The spider movement is a complete workout for arms, and in this class we will show the options as a variation for arm flexion and in movement, combining it with a mobility exercise from GN.
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Animal Movement: Frog and Worm

This training will improve your base for all sports, we will show you a variation to have more intensity using the kettlebell, and the worm exercise for arm , a perfect combination for arm and leg training.
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Combined Exercises for Sports

This 15 min stretch is specific to sports such as Golf / Tennis / Beach Tennis / Volleyball, Jiu jitsu / Surf , a sequence of static and dynamic stretches to improve performance and injury prevention.
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Ginastica Natural for Women

In this special class, Master Alvaro Romano trains his wife Melissa, showing how a 30-minute workout can be practiced intensely by women.
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Bar Training

Master Romano shows in this class barre training with several new exercises for strength and core training.

Course Specs

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  • Length 3 hr, 31 sec
  • Cost $149.00 Extended Father's Day Sale! $104.30
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Course Goals

  1. Understand the Course Topic
  2. Refine your ability to execute the techniques presented in the Course
  3. Become familiar with the drills that can be used to develop your skills
  4. Achieve significant proficiency in the material

Test Your Knowledge

There are not currently any tests related to this course.

Lead Instructor

Alvaro Romano

During the 80s Master Alvaro Romano decided to spread the world his lifestyle and his quality of life. After having his university degree and post degree in Physical Education, he decided to develop a workout technology beyond of everything that was ever done before: Ginastica Natural®.

In the beginning, Alvaro Romano perfected a type of training he would do on his own to, later, apply in class. For the safety of those practicing it, he conducted an in-depth study into the movements. His first experience applying Ginastica Natural® techniques was with himself and the athletes he trained.

Founder and creator of the Ginastica Natural® method, Alvaro Romano has a Post-Graduate degree in Physical Education and Recreation, author of the book “Ginastica Natural®” (Press Publishing House, 1987), Romano is also present in the collection “An anthology on physical activities” (Midiograf Publishing, 1987).