Abs Express

Lead Instructor:  Raphael Romano
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Get ripped abs with this express, dedicated program. Many Hollywood stars use Ginastica Natural to get great abs.

Lesson Specs


  1. Watch the lesson.
  2. Take notes on essential details.
  3. Bookmark key points in the videos for future reference.
  4. Ask questions in the Forum if you need help.
  5. Review the lesson multiple times to build confidence.

Lesson Chapters

  1. Class

Lead Instructor

Raphael Romano

Director of Education the Ginastica Natural® method, Raphael Romano has been involved with Ginastica Natural® since he was 8 years old. His roots made him grow learning and developing this technique, following the steps of his father and Master, Alvaro Romano, the creator of Ginastica Natural® method.

Graduated in Physical Education at Estacio de Sa University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Raphael participates in specific training of high performance athletes training for MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Surf, and other sports

Names including Vitor Belfort, Rodrigo Minotauro, Xande Ribeiro, Fabricio Camoes, Leticia Ribeiro, Penny Thomas, Fernando Margarida, Neco Padaratz, Fred Pattachia among others, had Raphael Romano as a trainer to develop their skills using the method and influence of Ginastica Natural®.


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Abs Express

Get ripped abs with this express, dedicated program.


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Natural Kids

In a time of video games and juvenile obesity, Ginastica Natural developed a fun and educational form of workout. Children do the exercises without even knowing they are working out.